Top 10 Unsolved Theory

Top 10 Unsolved Theory

1. Universe is Endless-

Why no one can reach end of Universe? 

As far as we can tell, there is no edge to the universe. Space spreads out infinitely in all directions. Furthermore, galaxies fill all of the space through-out the entire infinite universe. This conclusion is reached by logically combining two observations. 

2. Black Hole Destroying Matter-

Does Black hole destroy matter? 

General relativity says that when matter falls into a black hole, information is destroyed, but quantum mechanics says firmly it can't be.Thats why its Unsolved.

3.Quantum Gravity-

The biggest unsolved problem in fundamental physics is how gravity and the quantum will be made to coexist within the same theory. Quantum Gravity [1] is required to make the whole of physics logically consistent. The problem is that quantum physics and general relativity already overlap each other’s domains, but do not fit together.

4. Dark Energy-

50 years ago it was “self-evident” that the universe was dominated by mat- ter. Back in the late 1920s it was discovered that the universe is expanding, and as matter acts like a brake, because of its attractive gravitational force, all agreed that the universe’s expansion rate should slow. As late as 1998, two major studies were published [5],[6], originally designed to more precisely than ever measure this deceleration. The surprise was therefore total when the observational data instead seemed to indicate that the universe is accelerating, i.e. increases its rate of expansion - as if the cosmos recently moved its foot from the brake pedal to the accelerator. The best fit to the cosmological standard model (developed in the 1920’s by Friedmann, Lemaitre, Robertson and Walker) showed that about 70% of the energy of the universe seemed to be of a completely unknown form, which has been named Dark Energy. As so often, it was Einstein who first introduced the concept. He invented his cosmological constant, which represents a form of dark repulsive vacuum energy; already back in 1917 - but in a completely different context. The mystery is that no one still knows what dark energy is (or if it even exists).

5. Dark Matter-

Other observations indicate that about 90 percent of the matter itself in the universe is made up of an exotic, unknown variety that neither absorbs nor emits light. Dark Matter, as it is called, cannot be seen directly, and has never been remained a tiny excess of matter that was not annihilated. And here we are. This has not yet any explanation. Because what we mean by matter is only a definition, we see that we could just as well have obtained a universe dominated by antimatter. But that in turn means that the answer to this riddle must contain a fundamental time direction, the universe cannot be run backwards because two completely different final states (matter or antimatter) would have arisen from the same initial state. A more complicated way of saying the same thing is that today’s most fundamental theory is CPT-invariant [11], i.e. the same when simultaneously changing the particle charges (C), mirrorreflecting their state (P) and re- versing the direction of time (T). And because we know that CP is broken for some reactions [12], this means that also T is broken, i.e., that the theory (or nature itself) is asymmetrical in the time direction. The problem is that the known CP-violation is far too weak and insignificant to explain why we today have only matter.

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